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    The Coffee: Embrace the rich complexity of our signature "Of Mugs and Men" blend. Expertly crafted from a harmonious marriage of dark and medium roasted beans, it unveils deep cocoa notes carefully balanced by caramel and vanilla overtones. This full-bodied brew will have you savoring every sip.

    The Inspiration: John Steinbeck's literary masterpiece, Of Mice and Men, poignantly explores the harsh realities of the American dream. Just as George and Lennie's unbreakable bond persisted despite immense adversity, the dark and medium roasts in this blend merge seamlessly, their differences coming together in a cup of profound unity. Let "Of Mugs and Men" accompany your daily journey with its comforting depth.

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At Banned Books, we believe in the power of words and the richness they bring to our lives. Our vision is to create a space where coffee enthusiasts and book lovers alike can come together to savor unique blends while exploring the captivating world of banned and controversial literature.