Banned Beans:

Where Passion for Coffee and Literature Brew Together

Our Team

Welcome to Banned Beans - a haven where the aroma of freshly brewed coffee mingles with the spirit of literary freedom. We are more than just a team; we are storytellers, coffee connoisseurs, advocates for freedom of expression, and, most importantly, united by our shared passions.

Our Story: A Blend of Beans and Books

Banned Beans began as a spark of an idea: to combine two seemingly distinct worlds - the rich, diverse realm of specialty coffee and the thought-provoking universe of banned literature. Our founder, Kate, envisioned a world where each sip of coffee would be an ode to a story that dared to challenge, to push boundaries, and to make us think.

Our Mission

At Banned Beans, our mission extends beyond crafting the perfect cup of coffee. We are committed to:


  • Supporting Free Speech: Every coffee we sell is a tribute to the freedom of expression. We stand with authors and readers in the fight against censorship.
  • Sustainable and Ethical Sourcing: Our beans are sourced from farms that prioritize sustainability and fair practices, ensuring that our impact on the planet and its people is a positive one.
  • Community Engagement: We believe in giving back. A portion of our proceeds goes to supporting libraries, literacy programs, and organizations that champion the cause of keeping books accessible to all.
  • Exceptional Coffee Quality: But let’s not forget about the coffee! At Banned Beans, we're deeply passionate about delivering really, really good coffee. We meticulously select our beans and roast them to perfection, ensuring every cup is as flavorful and satisfying as the books that inspire them.

Join Our Journey

As you explore the diverse flavors and stories at Banned Beans, you're not just a customer - you're a part of The Team. You're joining a community that values great coffee, great stories, and the freedom to enjoy both.

Together, Let's Sip, Read, and Fight for Stories That Matter.

At Banned Beans, every cup of coffee is a story waiting to be told.