Brewing Good: Our 3% Pledge

At Banned Beans, every cup of coffee does more than just awaken your senses—it also contributes to a greater cause. Welcome to "Brewing Good," our commitment to turning your coffee moments into opportunities for positive change.

Your Cup, Their Chapter

Coffee is not just about taste—it's about community, connection, and impact. That's why we've pledged to donate 3% of our monthly sales to support causes that align with our ethos: literacy, freedom of expression, and access to books for all.

Your Voice, Your Impact

But who decides where this donation goes? You do! We believe in empowering our customers to be part of our mission. That's why, with every purchase, you'll receive a survey where you can vote for one of the charities we've selected.

How It Works:

  1. Make a Purchase: Every time you buy a product from Banned Beans, you're not just getting great coffee, you're also getting a say in our philanthropic efforts.
  2. Receive a Survey: Along with your order confirmation, you'll receive a survey link. This survey will present a choice of charities, each doing incredible work in the realm of literacy, book access, or advocacy against censorship.
  3. Cast Your Vote: Simply select the charity that resonates most with you. It's a quick, but impactful decision.
  4. Monthly Tally and Donation: At the end of each month, we'll tally the votes. The charity with the most votes will receive that month's donation.
  5. Transparency and Updates: We'll keep you informed. Expect updates on our website and social media platforms about the charities supported and the impact of your contributions.

Join Us in Brewing Good

Your love for coffee and books can make a real difference. Together, we're not just enjoying and celebrating great stories; we're also writing new ones for people who benefit from these charities.

At Banned Beans, every bean brewed and every page turned contributes to a story of positive impact. Welcome to our community of conscious coffee drinkers!