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    The Coffee: Indulge in the rich, decadent flavors of our "A Bad Bean Can Be Good for A Brew" Mexican chocolate coffee. We start with specialty-grade beans roasted to a smooth, balanced medium. While still warm from the roaster, we meticulously infuse them with natural chocolate, cinnamon, and vanilla flavorings. The result is a delightfully sinful cup with layers of spicy chocolate warmth mingling with sweet vanilla notes. Sip it black for an indulgent treat or add a splash of tequila or Kahlua to transform it into an exquisite after-dinner cordial.

    The Inspiration: Mel Bossa's provocative novel, A Bad Boy Can Be Good For A Girl, celebrates the allure of rebellion. Our "A Bad Bean" blend pays homage to this deliciously unconventional read with its tempting fusion of flavors. Like the novel's defiant characters, this full-bodied brew dares to be different, indulging your senses with a complex medley of spice and sweetness. Surrender to the irresistible charm of walking on the wild side - one luscious sip at a time.

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At Banned Books, we believe in the power of words and the richness they bring to our lives. Our vision is to create a space where coffee enthusiasts and book lovers alike can come together to savor unique blends while exploring the captivating world of banned and controversial literature.