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    The Coffee: Answer the call of your taste buds with our "The Call of the Mild" caramel coffee. We start by roasting specialty-grade beans to a smooth, balanced medium that brings out their rich, natural flavors. While still warm from the roaster, we infuse each batch with buttery, sweet caramel essence from premium all-natural flavorings. The result is an aromatic delight - bold enough to enjoy black yet mellow enough to star in your favorite blended creations. Let this decadent brew awaken your senses.

    The Inspiration: Jack London's literary masterpiece, The Call of the Wild, follows Buck's transformative journey from domestic life to the rugged Yukon wilderness. Our "The Call of the Mild" captures this contrast between civilized and untamed through its refined yet uncompromising caramel notes. Like Buck, this flavored coffee lets its true nature shine, balancing wildness with a touch of sweet indulgence in each naturalistically crafted sip. Heed the call and awaken your pioneering spirit.

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At Banned Books, we believe in the power of words and the richness they bring to our lives. Our vision is to create a space where coffee enthusiasts and book lovers alike can come together to savor unique blends while exploring the captivating world of banned and controversial literature.